Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turning point?

I wasn't so good about working out last week. Monday and Tuesday of this week I only went for walks--no yoga or weights. I'm still no closer to my weight goal for this month. Today I decided to step it up. I did 90 minutes of yoga, a 35 minute firm dvd, and I'm planning on going for a walk after dinner. Tomorrow is supposed to be 30 minutes of weights class and 2 hour long yoga classes. Friday I'm going to do a 60 minute weights class and 60 minutes of yoga plus walking. The plan for Saturday is an hour long walk. I'm wondering if I can get that done in the morning. After the weekend I think I'll go back to the no C diet. One of the girls on the biggest loser lost 8 pounds this week! So I can meet my weight goal by Halloween! Next week I might throw in some swimming and sauna. Well, I'm sweaty, time to get cleaned up.

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