Monday, October 20, 2008

Pop Tops

Bailey gets special food on the weekends. Usually she gets some kind of wet food which comes in a pop top can. On Thursday or Friday I decided to make some canned soup. Some of the new Campell's cans come with pop tops now. I popped the can open and Bailey came running into the kitchen. She cried and cried (I guess she doesn't understand the word soup.) until I let her sniff some of the soup on my finger. She walked away a little miffed and confused. Yesterday Ross made coffees for me, Joey, and Lisa Diane. He had to open a new can of Illy and I guess those come with pop tops too. Bailey finally got out of bed and ran into the kitchen. Ross let her sniff the coffee grounds and she didn't seem to like that. Our poor girl sure has Pavlovian responses. Pop tops mean special food. Freezer door opening followed by zip lock bag opening means beef jerky. Even when I crack the top of a banana to peel it she runs into the room (she loves banana). Shower stopping means water--followed by a combing. I could go on and on. I love my pretty pretty princess.

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