Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hundreds of Q-tips

Well, I haven't been up to too much lately. I have been pretty lazy. I am trying to lose weight this month, and as part of the plan I am going to walk every day. That didn't work out so well at first, but Ross and I have gone on a walk every day since Saturday. I managed to do 75 minutes of yoga yesterday and still walk for an hour. Now if I can only keep the snacking under control. I'm really hungry at the moment. I was really starting to miss working out, so this week I'm going to do yoga and a couple of weights classes. That will help me feel better and help me lose weight (hopefully).
Tiffany, Robert, and Ethan came over for lunch on Sunday. Ross grilled some veggies and some steaks. Man, those fillets were good! Ethan was super excited to see his uncle Ross. Tiffany and I went estate sale shopping and she found some fancy collector plates at a great price.
My piercing is really healing up. I am going through a lot of tape and hundreds of Q-tips. The trash can in the bathroom is just full of them! Funny thing--I think the piercing is healing up slightly pointing to the right. I guess that's better than not healing up at all.
Oh, Saturday night I made banana bread and oatmeal cookies. I was having a craving for cookies. I used dried cherries instead of raisins. Mmmmm. I think tomorrow I'm going to experiment with making the pumpkin brownies in cupcake shape. I so have the munchies right now. Grrr.

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