Friday, October 17, 2008

Music Exchange

I get a lot of compliments on the music that I use for my yoga classes. I'm glad because I spend a lot of time on those music mixes. One student said he liked the Elvis Costello song in one of my mixes. I laughed because I always have an Elvis Costello song in the mix. So I made a sampler CD of Elvis Costello songs and used that for my Yoga Sampler routine. My fellow Elvis fan missed that class, but the next week I gave him the cd. He has agreed to bring me a cd of some cool music. This week one of my students made a comment about the G. Love song in the mix. I told her I love that song so much that it is my ring tone! I've agreed to give her a copy of my G. Love mp3s and she's going to give me some cool music in return. I had no idea teaching yoga would lead me to a music exchange! I love it.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

That's so funny. My favorite spin teacher seems to have a real ethical thing about sharing music. I'm generally more stringent on most ethical matters than other people (or so I think - maybe everyone thinks that?) but on this, I believe that you can share music with friends and acquaintences. Well we were talking music after class and I said something reminded me of Anna Nalik (Breathe, 2AM) and that I had that album and could bring her a copy if she wanted. First she hemmed and hawed and finally she said I could bring it but that if she liked it, she would buy it and give me back my copy.