Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spidey Snacks

This past weekend our yet-to-be-named Spider had some large snacks.

This photo turned out really well. The snack seems to be bigger than the spider and we had no idea what it was. A small praying mantis was watching this all go down.

No clue was the spider was eating on Sunday night, but it also looked pretty big.

On Monday we didn't see the spider or a web, so we thought it had moved on. On Tuesday there still wasn't a web, but Ross spotted the spider hanging out in the upper corner of the window. Maybe those two big snacks were enough to hold the spider (dang it needs a name) over for a couple of days. Ross said the spider was back last night.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Beard

So last month Ross grew out his beard. He let it go for about a month. It looked funny because his lamb chops are white, so he looked like he was just growing out a goatee. It started to annoy Ross, and he finally shaved it off. He looks much better without it.


A couple of weeks ago I started working at Yoga Yoga in their work-trade program. I work a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoons cleaning the studio and in return I get credit toward yoga classes. It works for me. I should earn enough for unlimited yoga each month. Woohoo! This will encourage me to be consistent with my yoga practice.


I think mushrooms are so interesting. I love finding them in the forest, or even our yard. I have to take pictures because Ross won't let me eat them. Well, I found these mushrooms in the grocery store. They are actually kind of cute. So small with little round caps and all sprouting from the same base. I couldn't resist them. I bought them..and yep, ate them.

Let's see. I put some in duck noodle soup, I think I had some in an omelet, and the rest went into pasta sauce. Yummy.

Resident Spider

As I've said before--I live with spiders. Well, about 10 days ago we noticed a spider in the kitchen window. Each night she (Ross thinks it is a she) comes out and constructs a new web. We have actually been able to watch her do it several nights. Then she waits for dinner to arrive, and by morning the web and the spider are gone. It's so neat to see her and her web night after night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today I hit 80,000 miles on my car. Dang the miles add up fast, especially here in Texas.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mexican Rockets

I came across a recipe for Mexican chocolate fudge pops. It sounded easy enough, so I tried it out. Of course I have to tweak every recipe I try.

Mexican Chocolate Fudge Pops
2 cups 2% milk
1 cup Lyle's Golden Syrup (the recipe called for agave nectar, but I'm out)
1 teaspoon vanilla (preferably Mexican vanilla)
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
6 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
pinch of salt
Pasilla chile powder
Ancho chile powder
2 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped

1. Bring all ingredients except for semisweet chocolate to a simmer over medium heat, whisking to blend it all together. Give it a taste to see if it needs more heat or sugar.
2. After milk mixture is well blended add chopped semisweet chocolate and whisk until chocolate is melted.
3. Pour fudge mixture into pop molds.  The recipe says it makes 9. I made 9, but they were skimpy.
4. Freeze pops for a few hours before nom, nom, nomming them.

I have Pasilla and Ancho chile powder because that's what I make Dad's Mexican Sheet Cake with. You can just use any kind of chile powder. I probably put about a total of 3/4 teaspoon--you know I don't measure.

Getting in Shape Update

Well, I've been hitting the DVDs and Yoga studio hard. Last week I completed 655 minutes of exercise. That's with one day off. I have now scheduled 2 days off each week and I'm hoping to complete at least 600 minutes each week. My new mantra is stick with it, and I have to remind myself of that constantly. Since I started working out I have only lost 1 pound, and I don't think I've lost anything in the waist. That's disappointing, but I have to be honest--I haven't been doing the best that I can in the eating department.  It is so hard for me to do both---eat right and exercise. One or the other, but both seems to be so difficult for me. I'm gonna stick with it though. I can tell my arms are getting stronger, and my forward-folding (hamstring) flexibility has improved.

I totally get winded during the Firm DVDs. I actually have to pause the DVD sometimes. Sometimes I'm out of breath, and sometimes it is mental. I just have to work up the motivation to do another set of leg presses. I've been doing the exercises with heavy weights, but I haven't moved up to 10 pounds on leg presses. Maybe next month. I've also added some of the hops, but I still nix the plyo. I just hate jumping.

I have weights and measures on Friday so I'm going to really concentrate on the food aspect. I don't have high hopes for the scale, but we'll see.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting in Shape

I didn't do very well with my goals of getting in shape over June and July. This month I have unlimited free yoga at one of the yoga studios in town, so I'm going to take full advantage of it. I have the whole month of work outs planned out. I'm planning on 2-3 work outs a day on the weekdays. I'm taking Saturdays off and planning one yoga session on Sundays. I started on Wednesday and I've been doing pretty well.  I completed 3 work outs on Wednesday and two yesterday. In addition to yoga I'm doing Firm DVDs. My legs and bum are sore! I have yoga in a bit...time to get in shape.