Friday, October 10, 2008

I Love You Honey

In Italy last year I bought a small, 40g jar of chestnut honey for 1 euro. Oh, it is so scrumptious. Yesterday I had some on challah for break the fast. The little sample size jar is almost empty, so today I started looking online for some chestnut honey. I found a few varieties and then tonight we went to Central Market. I found one I wanted (Italian), but the jars were all expired. I ended up buying a French chestnut honey (the one pictured). I will try it out tomorrow with butter on some challah.

I have also recently become interested in bee keeping. I happened to see a bee keeper on the show of the woman whose name shall not be spoken. The beekeeper showed how the honey is extracted from the honeycomb. It was fascinating. I definitely want a bee hive some day. It costs a bit to get started, so I don't think I'll be doing it any time soon. I'm not sure what kind of honey I'd get, but it sure would be cool to have my own bees and honey supply. In the meantime I think I'll be sampling different kinds of honey from CM.

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The Lusters said...

I miss Central Market!!!