Thursday, October 16, 2008

Afternoon Off

We didn't make to the fair yesterday. It was raining, so we ran some errands and then went to the dollar theaters. We saw Babylon AD. It was terrible! It was a cheap, crappy rip off of Children of Men (which was an AWESOME movie). We were so confused! After the movie we went and had dinner with Robert, Tiffany, and Ethan. We had a lot of fun with Ethan. He got a hotweels set that everyone had fun playing with. We also read a Halloween book together. He is so excited that we are going to carve pumpkins. Yesterday was a great day. I have new bling bling sunglasses and Mona was able to straighten out my bling bling glasses. They are wearable, but she isn't sure how long they will last.

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