Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrity Visit

Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking that I hadn't had a celebrity visit in along time. I was really hoping for Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon.

This morning I was dreaming about Mike Rowe. He had some kind of outdoor excursion business. We were on a bus on our way to some sort of adventure and he was our guide.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Her Name is Spinne

Our spider is named Spinne and this is what she looks like from top side. She still lives in the same window, but lately she has been spinning her web a little higher--up behind the blinds. Maybe she got tired of us shining the flashlight at her. On nights when she doesn't spin a web we can see her hanging out in the top corner of the window. I'm very interested to see how long she will live with us.

Limited Edition Soda

HEB makes pure sugar cane sweetened sodas in various flavors. Today when we popped over to HEB for some Doritos (and unwisely bought the party size bag), we saw two new flavors of soda. We bought the Just Peachy flavor. I haven't tried it yet. We need to get some vanilla ice cream and I'll make a peachy float. The other flavor was Apple Crisp. I think that would make a good drink--warmed up with a bit of Tuaca, and topped off with whipped cream. I'll have to buy some apple crisp soda soon---since it is limited edition.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spidey Snacks

This past weekend our yet-to-be-named Spider had some large snacks.

This photo turned out really well. The snack seems to be bigger than the spider and we had no idea what it was. A small praying mantis was watching this all go down.

No clue was the spider was eating on Sunday night, but it also looked pretty big.

On Monday we didn't see the spider or a web, so we thought it had moved on. On Tuesday there still wasn't a web, but Ross spotted the spider hanging out in the upper corner of the window. Maybe those two big snacks were enough to hold the spider (dang it needs a name) over for a couple of days. Ross said the spider was back last night.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Beard

So last month Ross grew out his beard. He let it go for about a month. It looked funny because his lamb chops are white, so he looked like he was just growing out a goatee. It started to annoy Ross, and he finally shaved it off. He looks much better without it.


A couple of weeks ago I started working at Yoga Yoga in their work-trade program. I work a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoons cleaning the studio and in return I get credit toward yoga classes. It works for me. I should earn enough for unlimited yoga each month. Woohoo! This will encourage me to be consistent with my yoga practice.


I think mushrooms are so interesting. I love finding them in the forest, or even our yard. I have to take pictures because Ross won't let me eat them. Well, I found these mushrooms in the grocery store. They are actually kind of cute. So small with little round caps and all sprouting from the same base. I couldn't resist them. I bought them..and yep, ate them.

Let's see. I put some in duck noodle soup, I think I had some in an omelet, and the rest went into pasta sauce. Yummy.