Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Saturday we had our pumpkin carving party. Ross made cream of poblano soup and crispy tuna sandwiches and I made guac and a pumpkin cake. We didn't get around to eating any cake until Sunday. After the food we started the routine...wash, dry, open, scoop, scrape, scoop, scrape, transfer pattern, then cut out pattern. Well, that is the routine for the more complicated patterns. Some people skipped the whole pattern transfer and just drew on the pumpkin (all the pumpkins in the first photo). Ethan took a shine to Heather and told her a really long story about pumpkins. I think everyone had a good time. Now I'm getting excited about the dessert party.

Leana's, Tim's and Terri's pumpkins.
Heather's Pumpkin.
Tiffany carved Ethan's Jack pumpkin and Robert caved the one on the right.
My beheaded cheerleader pumpkin.
Ross's sad Toad pumpkin. He doesn't want to try again because that would mean more scraping, scooping, peeling, chiseling, and carving.


V said...

And here I was expecting Robert's pumpking to be the most intricate - was he still the last one to finish? What is going on with Ross's pumpkin?

Miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

nope, my sad Toad was the last to finish. technically, I finished after dinner... maybe the world just isn't ready for my avante garde style. ross

Anonymous said...

All of the pumpkins look wonderful! Can't believe I missed everything!- Tejal