Friday, January 24, 2014

Vatican Window, Framed

I am really pleased how this painting turned out. So pleased I paid a pretty penny (even with a 60% off coupon) to have it framed. Now we just have to decide where to hang it.

Snow Day

Ross has his first snow day today. There isn't any snow outside. It is all ice. Tiny little ice pellets. Ice melted and refrozen onto the roads. Dangerous stuff. That's what we get here in Texas. Ice--not snow. I'm sure Ross will be super productive on his extra day off--playing video games and such. I'm so glad I went to the grocery store yesterday.

The white stuff is crunchy. You can see that only parts of the road are white--but the whole road is covered in ice.

Magazine Addiction

I have always had a paper obsession, and magazines fit right in there. Colorful, glossy, fun to flip through, it seems I can't get enough magazines. I currently get InStyle, Bazaar, Men's Health, Fitness, Lucky, Elle, and Harper's. When the pile gets too overwhelming I take a chunk to the library. But it doesn't end there. You see, the library has an area where you can drop off/pick up magazines, and yes, I pick some up. I can't help myself. The Elle and Lucky magazines are easy to flip through and get rid of. The Men's Health and Harper's, well, they have actual reading, and so they just pile up. Most of these magazines I got free with airline miles. It was the only way I could use them, and thought, hey, why not. Some of the others I got for $5 a year with some internet special. As much as I like Men's Health and Harper's I can't wait for my subscriptions to expire. I need to get out from this stack of magazines.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Peacock Blue

We saw at least 15 peacocks yesterday, well, about half of them were peahens. All but two of the birds were in the trees, making photographs difficult. The camera doesn't truly capture the brilliant, shimmering colors, especially the way they change in the sun. At some angles this bird's chest looked violet-black.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hairy Caterpillar

Bailey was sitting in my lap when Ross brought this in from outside. She sniffed it, but was disinterested.

When it uncurled and reached toward her nose she was not happy. It felt strange crawling around on my hand and I had Ross put it back outside.

El Iluminado

I did it again. I picked up a book, and it's about Jews, specifically crypto-Jews. The book was right up my alley--half in Spanglish and about Jews. The art in this graphic novel isn't great, but I did enjoy the story. Apparently one of the authors writes and illustrates the Rabbi Harvey graphic novels, which I haven't come across yet. I was very enthralled by this graphic novel and was curious to know if any of it was based on real events. The notes at the end of the book do entail what the historical story was based on and list a lot of sources. I think I might see if the library has any of the books that the author referenced. This book was a good weave of actual history and story.

I am very interested in cypto-Jews or conversos. I'm convinced that I have Sephardic, converso background. Hernandez is a Sephardic surname and listed amongst surnames of those forced to convert by the Inquisition.

I really connected with what one of the crypto-Jews said in the book "A Jewish soul is a Jewish soul. When you have it, you know." My sentiments exactly, and that's basically what I told the bet-din at my conversion.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Photo

Last time we went to the peacock park the peacocks weren't being very cooperative photo-wise. I liked the way the feathers were glinting in the sun. This photo doesn't quite capture it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rosie Headband

I finally finished this Rosie the Riveter headband that I started last May. Like all my projects it was slow to start. I had problems and had to rip one section out at least twice. When I picked it back up this week it went fairly smoothly and I was able to finish it right away.

Woohoo. Another project actually finished. I'm about to start a huge one.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lace Anniversary

Today marks our 13th wedding anniversary, which is apparently the lace anniversary.
I made my dad's Mexican sheet cake and decorated it with powdered sugar. We just devoured some with whipped cream. Super yummy!
Ross gave me a new ring. I haven't had an "engagement" ring since the twisted prong incident in May 2011.

Tonight we went out to eat at a restaurant called Shabu. We didn't have hot pot. Instead we had steamed dumplings, Mongolian lamb, and Rib Eye chow fun. It was all yummy and warm in our tummies. It is around 32F outside.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still the One, the Only One

I went to the Austin Humane Society this weekend, but came home with no kitties. Bailey is an only child, and we are pretty certain she would disapprove of another pet in the house. I was there for volunteer orientation. At the end of orientation I got to cuddle a couple of kittens, and I think one of them has already been adopted. I'm looking forward to getting more kitty play time without getting another cat.