Friday, November 22, 2013

Bailey and the PS4

The PS4 controller has a speaker in it.  Sound coming out of the controller (or anything small really) disturbs Bailey. She walked around on the couch crying and pawing at Ross. It is like she's begging him to stop. He stopped for a while (watched Key and Peele) and she curled up on his chest. Then he started playing again. I think she's just trying to ignore the voice coming from the controller. They are so cute together.

And just as an aside--it is currently 46 degrees outside and pouring rain. This weekend is supposed to be cold. Hmpf.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ross's Big Day

Today is Ross's birthday.
He started off by opening TWO packages of cookies sent to him by his admirers on the East coast.
For lunch we went bowling at The Goodnight.
I had a chicken fried antelope sandwich and tomato basil soup.
Ross had a burger.
After bowling wore us out we played a few games of shuffleboard.

Ross got to have his favorite food for dinner--that's right--pizza. And I got him a second controller for the PS4.  Yeah, we have a PS4 and dad bought him Call of Duty Ghost for his birthday. I feel bad that I didn't make him a cake, but he has a ton of cookies to eat. I'll make him something this weekend.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17, 2013, Austin, Texas

At nearly 6pm the internet is reporting the temperature as 86 degrees here in Austin. Our thermometer says 77.  We may have broken a record high for today. Too bad we were so worn out from PS4 play yesterday to really go out and enjoy the sunny warm weather. I'm tempted to fill the tub and hang out in there tomorrow.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Goodbye My Beloved Dragon

My beloved cup is dead. As I've mentioned before, my mom bought this for me at CM. It was a good size and I could put it in the microwave. The best part was the handle.

I searched and searched the web, and can't find one like it. Pout. Pout. I have no idea what brand it is.  All I have is the mark on the bottom of the cup. I still have the padded box it came in--no markings. Oh well, time for something new I guess.  I'm really liking these tea cups.

I have no clue what this mark says.....


We recently took a glass working class in South Austin. When the glass turns molten it is very strange. You are supposed to slowly rotate the glass and push inward to form a ball. It wasn't as easy as the demo made it look.
The flame looks orange when you put the glass in.
The safety glasses block the orange flame and you can see much better.
Close up--trying to form a ball. The molten glass glows orange----the color goes through the glass and you can see it on my right fingertips.
We left our "drink stirrers" at the shop so that they could be set in the kiln. The middle one and the one on the far right are Ross's. The middle one is really cool. The pointier one second from the right is very short. I'm planning on using it as a hair stick.
The class was fun I guess. I did feel like a dope because I wasn't very good at it: I managed to shatter a chip off one of my sticks, and I absent mindedly tried to pick up the chip--uh, very hot!

Phallic Fungus

Ross thought I ripped out this mushroom and left it on the sidewalk for him. I did not. Kind of freaky. I looked in the front yard and discovered where it came from, along with another one.

The end is covered in muddy looking slime. This is definitely not a mushroom I want to eat.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ready, Go!

After finding out that Kitson had a blow out between Austin and College Station and had to wait hours for AAA we vowed to teach her how to change a tire before Thanksgiving. Tonight Kitson came over for dinner and changed Ross's flattened tire before dinner. Then after dinner she reinflated the the tire, inflated the spare to the correct pressure, and swapped them out. She had a great technique for loosening the lug nuts and did a great job overall. We bought her a jumper box/air pump so that she's more prepared next time she's on the road.