Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Favorite Show

Right now my favorite show is Waking the Dead. I've mentioned before how complicated it can be. I was happy to discover that Netflix now has seasons 1-5 (of 9) of Waking the Dead available on instant watch. I watched the very first episode and it was a fine example of everything I love about the show.

D.S. Peter Boyd is a grade-A bastard. He treats everyone like crap. He may be the leader, but everyone is an equal member of the team. No one is the bumbling side-kick or lab-tech who aspires to be part of the team. Everyone on the team is intelligent and contributes to the case. The cast changes up a little as the show goes on, but Boyd is always in charge.

This series is a bit dark. The criminals are always sick, twisted folks, who commit sick and twisted crimes. The plots are always complex. The shows are mentally stimulating, challenging. You try to solve the crimes along with the team. If you aren't paying attention, you could miss something important. They generally don't repeat the clues or hit you over the head with explanations of who did what when. The show treats the audience like an intelligent member of the team, not like a clueless bystander. I think that is what I like best about it. I also like that the characters aren't sleeping together. There is some personal drama, but it is usually subtle.

I might actually watch the episodes in order just to see how the characters develop. The only other series that measures up to this is Wire in the Blood. I watched all 6 seasons on Netflix instant watch and loved it.

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