Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Joy, Her Torture

I'm so tickled that we have had so many hummingbirds at our feeder lately. I often even see one chase another from the feeder. It seems they don't like to share. I've heard the very silly myth that hummingbirds never stop flying or land. Well, I see that myth debunked every day.

While I enjoy the hummingbirds, Bailey does not. Even if all she can see is its tail peeking down from the far side of the feeder, she cries.

To try to capture a photo of the hummingbirds I sat out on the balcony in my rocking chair--just waiting. A hummingbird came right up to the railing and chittered at me. I don't think I'd ever heard one make noise. I snapped a couple of photos of them near the feeder, but didn't get this one until I gave up and came inside. I got one of two of them, but it was blurry.

I don't like birds, but I really do enjoy watching the hummingbirds. As you see in the photo--my feeder is red, but the liquid is not. It really isn't necessary to color the food, and may in fact be harmful to the birds. I don't buy any special food, I just mix table sugar with water, and they seem to love it (unfortunately, so do the wasps).

I'm going to miss the hummingbirds when the weather turns.

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Nicole said...

I haven't seen a single hummingbird in our yard all summer. Bummer. That's a great picture you got of that hummingbird!