Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC: Day One

We headed up to NYC on Friday morning on the Megabus. We didn't take a suitcase. I took my big purse and Ross took a back pack. That's it. Ross was very impressed with how little I packed. We arrived in NYC around 12:30 I think, and we were very hungry. We took the subway down to Chinatown and ate at New Green Bo. They have great steamed vegetable dumplings. We got an order of those and eggplant with garlic sauce. It was just the right amount of food. Then we walked in a big circle looking for the bakery we like in Little Italy. Okay, let me mention now that it was very hot, and very humid. When I bit into that cold, cream-filled lobster tail I was in heaven.

We walked down to the financial district and checked into our hotel. After a short rest we headed up to the theater district to enter the Book of Mormon lottery.

Look at the crowd! There were so many people! Everyone entered to win $32 tickets to the show. We didn't win. Someone else named Brown won.

We left and went down to 34th street for some shopping. It rained. It was hot and humid and icky sticky. I looked at shoes in Macy's. We went to Infinity Shoes and I fell in love with a pair of boots. We stopped by La Bella Ferrara again for more pastries and then dragged ourselves back to the hotel.

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Nicole said...

New York really is great, but there are just so many people!