Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, Yeah, I Forgot

For some reason I started looking at vintage dresses on ebay last night. I love vintage dresses, especially from the 50's, but I've never bought one. Why? Because I don't have a waspish waist. It seems that most dresses in the 50's were made for women with small breasts and teeny tiny waists. 24 or 26 inch waists!

I somehow forgot that's why I've never bought a vintage dress. In fact, because of this problem I have spent money on vintage patterns so that I could make a dress that would fit. Have I made a dress? Only one, and that was years ago. I suppose that's something I should put on next year's list of goals. Sewing a dress is a lot more realistic than losing 30 pounds to try and achieve a 26 inch waist.

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