Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC: Day Three

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at Financier. I was really attracted to this place because it was so bright and crisp compared to everything else in New York. I had almond brioche and Ross had some kind of apple pastry. We shared an extra large latte. It was nice to just sit and chill. It kind of reminded me of Italy.

We checked out of the hotel and headed to...where else....the bakery for some sweets to go. Then we headed up to the bus stop. The bus stop was different from last time. It was at a different location and with a different set up. They had us waiting in long lines. It was hot. The sun was blaring. I had my new white hat and my umbrella to shield me. Ross went and got us some lunch while I waited in line. When he got back they asked if we wanted to get on an earlier bus. We jumped at the opportunity to get out of the heat. We came home and Bailey yelled at us for leaving her again.

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Nicole said...

I took Bolt Bus last time I went to New York and the drop-off and pick-up locations had so many damn people I wanted to just start punching them to give myself room.