Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene: Fasting, Four Way Stops, and Frappuccinos

Okay, so we didn't really fast, but yesterday felt like a fast day. The power went out early Sunday morning, so we couldn't watch TV, or play on the internet, and we were lazy, and just slept most of the day. I woke up from my nap with a dehydration headache. Yom Kippur.

So, the power was out. The traffic lights were out. That means it should be a four way stop. No. People didn't stop. I was going to go somewhere today on my way home today, but a traffic light was out. I refused to run it, and I was scared that I'd get rear-ended by the guy doing 55 behind me, so I just turned and came home. I'm really amazed (I don't know why) that people don't stop. They don't even slow down.

We didn't really have frappuccinos either. But we did end up at Starbucks. I wanted to check my email--see if I had one about my interview, and double check what time it was supposed to be. We decided to go to Panera, but that block had no power, so we went to Starbuckos. We shared a vanilla latte, and the laptop.

A short while after we came home (and lit a bunch of candles) the power came back on. I was crazy happy. I played on my laptop and delighted in the thought of a hot shower in the morning.


Nicole said...

People never obey the four-way stop rule when a light is out. It just becomes everyone go. So dangerous. You did the right thing by avoiding that traffic madness.

I swear, Maryland isn't normally like this. Earthquakes, heat waves, snowpocalypse, hurricanes -- it's been so crazy the last couple of years. I don't know what's up with that.

k. said...

Are you trying to convince me Maryland doesn't suck? Don't worry. When I move it won't be because of the weather. It will be for my love of Texas (which, coincidentally, has better weather).