Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was on the phone with my mom a while ago when I felt an earthquake. It started off as small shaking and then got worse. It lasted at least 30 seconds. I just kept saying "The house is shaking. It's not stopping!"

I have felt earthquakes before--when we lived in Greece, but that was a long time ago. This is the strongest and longest earthquake I've ever felt. It felt as if the building was being shaken front to back. The light fixtures and my vases were rattling pretty loudly. Some pictures fell over, but there isn't any damage. I hope the aftershocks aren't too bad.

Bailey didn't give any sort of warning. She was sitting with me, and we just kind of looked at each other when it started. She seems a little agitated now, but it could be because of the construction outside and the banging they are doing to replace some siding.

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V said...

We girls were at the splash park (in Germantown) when it happened. We were all sitting on the ground, having a snack, and we thought a big truck was driving by. That's when we saw the tables and fence shaking. We were with one of my friends who is a Californian. Naturally, she thought it was great fun.