Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drive In: Triple Play

We went to the Drive in on Friday and saw three movies. First on the line up was the final Harry Potter movie. The movie was dark. I don't mean somber or twisted, I mean there was a lack of lighting. I didn't see the last movie, but I don't feel like I missed much. It was a typical Harry Potter movie. I find the Harry Potter characters all rather annoying. I'm neither sad nor glad to see them go.

Captain America was the second movie of the night. Ross and I really enjoyed this one. The fighting was awesome, and like Nicole, I really liked how he beat up his enemies with the shield. He had a lot of strength, and a lot of heart, but no real supernatural powers. This was a fun movie. Ross really liked Red Skull.

The third movie of the night was Crazy Stupid Love. I'm glad we were able to stay awake for this one. Steve Carell didn't get on my nerves with a bunch of Michael Scott-like manerisms. I kept expecting Julianne Moore to have a Boston accent because of her stint on 30 Rock. We both liked the movie.

Of the three movies Harry Potter was the worst. Captain America was much better than Thor, but not as good as X Men First Class. Crazy Stupid Love, hmm. I think I might have liked it the best of the three. I found a theme linking all three movies--shirtless guys. Ryan Gosling was sexy, and Chris Evans looked fake--it was a little too much. Ross says that this was our sixth trip to the drive in this year!


Notorious Kim said...

Thank you for the Ryan Gosling eye candy this morning ;-) Drive-ins are too cool -- we need one in my hood!

Nicole said...

Speaking of that Harry Potter screen shot in this post, why was that scene even in there -- with them changing shirts? Was it supposed to be hot?

Glad you liked Captain America.

I think Ryan Gosling is funny looking, in the face.

We really need to get up to that drive-in this summer. At least once.

k. said...

Nicole--they were coming out of the water, so they were cold and wet. They were changing into dry clothes. Where they got these dry clothes, I don't know. Magic I guess. It was a very awkward scene--just like all the kissing scenes.