Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC: Day Two--The High Line

The High Line is an abandoned, elevated freight line on the West side of Manhattan that has been turned into a public park. The weather was much better on Saturday, so we headed over to check it out after we were done with the street fair. Ross said he wasn't expecting a finished walkway. The whole thing was really cool. There was a roller skating rink set up below the 30th street entrance, but there was no way were were going to do that--our feet were already too sore!

This is what the undeveloped part looks like--there are are plants growing on the abandoned (since 1980) railway.

The developed part of the High Line has lots of different kinds of plants and flowers.
Some parts of the walkway have the old rail lines exposed. Oh, and the guy bending over in the forefront of the picture is getting a drink of water from a talking water fountain. The water fountain talked about how important hydration is...blah, blah, blah.
It was hot and people were congregating in the shady areas. We bought a lilikoi/sugar cookie ice cream sandwich and took a long break in the shade. The ice cream sandwich was excellent. The cookies had just a touch of salt, which made it awesome. That's me on the steps in the white hat. That break really helped to re-energize us. We kept seeing people with paletas coming from the other direction. When we got to the stand the line was really long. I'm glad we got ice cream--there was no line!
The grassy areas were closed for restoration. I can totally understand why. The High Line was really crowded. When the grass areas are open I'm sure they really take a beating.

I really enjoyed the High Line. I will definitely go back. I hope that the city is able to acquire the rest of the line and continue the park.


Disobedient Tiger said...

high line was awesome. i am amazed that New York could build something so beautiful in the middle of chaos. just wow.

Nicole said...

Wow. I never knew such a thing existed in New York. It looks beautiful and amazing.