Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC: Day Two--Even More

After the High Line we went back to Infinity Shoes to buy my boots. I think I broke the record for how much I've ever spent on a single pair of shoes. I'm sure I'll get as much use out of them as I did my other pair of Miz Mooz boots. I love all my Miz Mooz shoes and I always get compliments when I wear them.
We dropped the boots off at the hotel and rested up a bit for dinner. We decided to eat in Midtown so that we could go to Del Frisco's for dessert. We wanted to go to Del Frisco's at lunch, but it was closed. On the way to dinner we were drawn into St. Patrick's Cathedral by the organ music:

After dinner we went into Del Frisco's. We sat at a cocktail table and a cute little cocktail waitress--from Texas--brought us the dessert menu. We were very saddened to see that the lemon cake wasn't on the menu. We asked, and the waitress said they have it, but it just isn't on the menu. Whew! Crisis averted! Bring me a gin and tonic and slice of lemon cake! The slice of cake was ginormous. It was bliss. Again, I need to write an ode to that lemon cake.

We took a cab back down to the financial district. We were too tired and it was too hot to mess with all the subway disruptions. After a shower we passed out.

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