Sunday, May 24, 2009

Longwood Excursion

Ross and I had heard and read about the du Pont gardens and decided to go check one out with Tejal yesterday. I was a little pooped from hiking and sleepy after eating, but I'm so glad that we went.

We left for Longwood gardens after dinner because they have a fountain show at night.  We arrived after only driving an hour.  Wow. The gardens display over 11,000 different kinds of plants. The outdoor gardens cover around 350 acres! The conservatory is expansive.  I've never seen anything quite like that.  It puts every other garden I've ever seen to shame.  

When we arrived there was a brass band playing in the outdoor theater.  It was nice to have music while walking through the gardens.  At 9:15 the fountain show started.  Tejal says the one at the Bellagio is better.  I agree, but the show was 30 minutes and had this misty effect that I liked.  With the changing colors and constant moving of the water the mist looked like the aurora borealis.

The conservatory alone was worth the trip.  One of the most surprising and best things about our visit is that there weren't many people.  I'm sure we will visit again, and we will definitely check out some of the other du Pont gardens.

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