Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent Movies

We've seen quite a few movies recently.  The best one was Das Leben der Anderen (Lives of Others).  I don't think I can put into words how deeply this movie touched me. I guess it tapped into my darkest fears. 

We saw Wolverine and we were both a little disappointed.  Not enough action.  Too much cheese.

When Tejal was here we couldn't decide which movie to watch.  We ended up watching Happy Feet. It was terrible!  When that was over Ross started Zohan. Holy crap. When he caught a fish in his bare ass we just turned it off. I don't think we lasted 5 minutes.

On Monday we went and saw Terminator.  We really liked it.  Lots of action.  Blood and guts. Good fun.

Ross might go with Troy this weekend to see the Star Trek movie.

If you haven't seen Lives of Others, it is definitely worth the rental.

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LisaDiane said...

We saw the Lives of Others at the theatre by accident. By that I mean, whatever we intended to see was sold out or we had the time wrong or in some way didn't work out. We decided to simple pick another movie, and Lives of Others is what we wound up seeing. It turned out to be a fantastic accident! I felt the same way you did about it - something about it really gets to you and tugs at your heart. Glad you saw it and enjoyed it.