Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's So Cool!

Yesterday we went to the library because I wanted more children's books, a new graphic novel, and maybe a cookbook or two.  I picked out some stories about chickens.  I seem to like those.  I picked up Maus II, which probably wasn't a good idea, but I've already finished it.  I also threw Nigella Bites onto my pile of books.  I've always been attracted to the book.  Maybe it is because Nigella Lawson is hot. Okay, now I'm getting off track.

When we went to check out the books they had a self-service check out that Ross wanted to try.  It looked like the self check out at a grocery store.  There was a bar code reader, a space that said read area, and a huge touch screen.  All fun stuff for my engineer husband.  We scanned our library card with the bar code reader, then the touch screen asked for how many books we had.  We had 8 and it only went up to 5.  I was confused (as usual).  Ross took three books off of the stack and then pressed 5.  The screen showed which books were left and that we had checked them out.  We put the last 3 books on the counter and then it checked those out.  Just like that!  We didn't scan each book individually.  I guess the books all have RFID tags, so it just read them and checked them out to us!  It was super cool!


Team Serrins Springfield said...

Since we used to be outside any city limits, we always bought a membership to the Round Rock Library and they have one of those self-check things. It's totally brilliant and fantastic. I love technology (of course) and really love when someone invents a machine to do a task that humans have no reason to do.

Now we're incorporated by Pflugerville so we go to the library there. It's approximately as useful as picking any three of our friends and just going to their houses and looking at their books. But we can ride bikes there!

Disobedient Tiger said...

I just liked how it checked in each book, one at a time. Just so cool.

This library has smaller collection than ours at Ft Worth, but it has individual study rooms with internet connection.