Friday, May 1, 2009

More Stretches

Okay, this first one I want to call cliff hanger. With my elbows on the counter I'm just letting my body weight hang down. It feels as though my lats and rhomboids are tearing apart, especially on my right side. Ross was nice enough to put his foot on my back. Ouch! I felt like my right shoulder was ripping apart (and I was saying "Take it off! Take it off! No, I'm serious!").
I call this second one wall dolphin, and it definitely feels a little different. Maybe it would be more intense if I brought my feet closer to the wall. In any case, I can feel my shoulders stretching.
This third one is an easy position for a pec stretch. Sometimes I do this in side angle pose, but in this position I can just concentrate on the pec stretch. I move my arm around until I feel the most stretch in my pec and then just let my arm hang there. With my arm straight back behind me I feel more of a biceps stretch and if I move it more toward my feet I feel more of a shoulder stretch.

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