Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sugarloaf Mountain

We had to go to Leesburg, Virginia to pick up the plates for the Lexus yesterday.   Valerie's place is pretty close to Leesburg--as the crow flies, but not as the roads wind.  We thought it would be fun to take White's ferry across the Potomac to go see the Lusters.  We made it to Germantown, but we had to drive the long way around because the ferry was closed. Grrr! 
We joined the Luster clan for a hike up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. We took lots of photos and scrambled around the rocks.  Without Evelyn there I would have been a lot crazier (more reckless), but I wanted to set a good example, so I didn't go jumping from rock to rock or running off-trail (too much).
On the way down Ross and I helped Evelyn with her hiking skills. Ross always says you don't have hands on your butt, so if you want to grab onto rocks on a steep decent, then turn around. Evelyn did a great job. Check out Valerie's blog post for great photos.
It started to rain on the way down, but we were well protected by the forest canopy.  We had snack time at the head of the trail then headed back to the Lusters' house for dinner.
Ross looks so great with a baby.  We don't need a baby, just friends with a baby!  Hahahah.


Disobedient Tiger said...

I wanted to set a good impression so I was a lot crazier by jumping from tock to rock... and slipping and falling head over heels.
see ross run.
see ross jump.
see ross slip and bust his tookis.
don't be a ross.

V said...

Yeah - that tumble happened right in front of me, and I still don't understand how it all started...