Saturday, May 2, 2009

Babysitting the Little Lusters

Ross and I had a grand time babysitting the little Luster ladies last night while Valerie and Troy went to a baseball game. Before dinner we all went to the park and Evelyn ran back and forth across the park with the kite.
Valerie and Troy provided steaks and cupcakes for dinner (yum!) and we brought along some mashed potatoes and eggplant. After dinner (and a heated debate between Ross and Evelyn about whether Scaredy Squirrel's friend was a cat or a dog) we put the girls to bed and flopped onto the couch completely exhausted. Valerie and Troy came home just before midnight and told us they had a great time at the game. I saw Monty Eich's photo on Valerie's facebook page and Valerie and I ended up chatting about the good old days at Mission Junior High (and looking at photos of our old school chums on facebook) until almost 2am!
This morning I went with Valerie to Julia's swim lesson. It was so fun to be able to use the waterproof function of the camera. Julia is so laid back. The funniest part was when she put her face into the water, made a face, and then did it again and again!

Valerie, Evelyn, and I took a short drive in the Lexus with the top down to go get lunch. After a little more play time it was time for us to come home. The Lusters are some of the most reasonable people I know. I know I couldn't do such a wonderful job raising children. I applaud them. The girls are just wonderful. We had a great time, the only problem was that they wore us out! We had to have a nap before dinner! I can't wait to see them again.


V said...

Aw, you guys are awesome! And I know Evelyn had a blast with you guys, too. Thanks for helping us have a night out. :)

Monty. said...

When you google yourself, sometimes you find nice things. Hope you are well!