Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend Robert, Tiffany, and Ethan came over and we had Korean bbq. Ethan was sooooo excited to see Ross! It was a very nice day outside, and we spent quite a while out there. Ross and Ethan played catch, punched at the punching bag, and ran around in circles. Ethan really wanted to play wii, but first he managed a nap on the swing outside. Bailey even sat with him for a long time. We had ribs, veggies, crackers, snack mix, fresh coconut water (straight out of the coconut), watermelon, and jelly bellies. We took a trip to the mall and bought Raving Rabbids 1. I've been playing it a lot since.
Oh, I forgot to mention Ethan's fish. Ross and I bought Ethan a Word World fish at Target. Word World is a PBS program that teaches phonics and spelling. Ross thinks the show is really cool. We were in Target and Ross pointed out the toys. I said "Ethan watches that show every day!" They had a bunch of animal toys. Each animal is made out of letters. We bought the fish so it is made out of F-I-S-H. The letters are magnetic and pull apart. Ethan fell in love with the fish. He kept showing us the letters...F-I-sssss-uh?... he calls S "ssss" (the sound it makes) and he kept forgetting what the last letter was....The fish was a big hit.

On the fitness front...I logged 520 minutes of working out this week! That might be an all time high for me. My weight is up, but my body fat is that's good. I've been trying out my new yoga mat and I love it. I already went to Joan Fabrics, bought the supplies to make straps, and made them! I'll have Ross take a photo of me doing something impressive on the mat so that I can post it. We went for a swim last night. It was really good. I haven't been swimming in a long time. The pool is salt water based, so the water up the nose and in the eyes wasn't as painful as chlorine. I'm trying to get my eating habits back on track. I've been slacking there, and that's why I think I haven't lost any more weight.

My new jeans obsession...weight loss or no, my new 28s from Costco are already feeling loose. So I'm scoping out some size 27 button flies on ebay. I also saw a really cool bikini at Electrique Boutique. It was pretty pricey if I manage to lose another 9 pounds and make my final goal then maybe.

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