Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lucky Jeans and More

I love my Lucky brand jeans, but they no longer fit (too big, yeah!). I got my jeans at Costco, but when we went last weekend to buy a new pair they didn't have any. I went to the mall to try some on, figure out my size, see how much they cost. I tried on a pair that cost 98$ (plus tax the sales lady reminded me)! I am now a size 28 in Lucky brand (I fit in size four in Levis). On Wednesday I went to visit Tiffany and Ethan. We took a trip to her Costco to see if they had some Luckys. No luck (hahha), but a really nice guy there looked up the item in the computer and said that Arlington might have a few pairs (when he called them they said no, but he said to check anyways). We got Ethan a churro before leaving, so he was happy. At the mall he turned to me and said "I like you." It was the sweetest thing ever.
I bid on a couple of pairs of jeans on ebay, but no luck there either. Yesterday we went to a wedding. It was really cool. Half in Chinese, half in English. I'm so glad we got to go. After the ceremony and reception (I love cake!!!) we went for boba (well, we actually just got drinks, no boba) and to Costco to check for jeans. Costco in Arlington had an entire shipment. Score! I inspected like 10 pairs of jeans before deciding on one. When we got home I found out I'd won a pair on ebay for half what I paid at Costco. So now I'll have two pairs. I already went into the closet and pulled out an old pair to get rid of. I have a pair of old Old Navy jeans that look like they have stretch marks because the spandex has gone all funky. I'm serious about these jeans. I really want a pair with button fly. I just have a thing for the button fly. I will keep watching ebay for a good price. Tiffany told me to soak the jeans in vinegar to set the color. I'll do that. And I plan on always hang drying them so that they last longer. I'm so obsessive.
Last night we went to see Jumper. I liked it. Dang. It would be soo cool to be able to teleport.
My garden is doing all right. I have one plant that already has two good sized peppers on it. I transplanted the pepper plants that I grew from seed. A couple of them are doing very well. I'm excited. I think I'm going to have a huge pepper harvest this year. Even the jalapeno plant that was all wilted seems to have recovered. So far no eggplants or tomatoes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. All the herbs are doing just fine. I should make something with them...
Last night I tried stretching my shoulders so I can do those yoga poses. I need to stretch out my hips also. I ordered a new yoga mat. Yeah. Now I'm looking for some crop yoga pants..I'm really in a "stuff" phase right now. I want STUFF!
Well, hopefully we will go work out today. I don't want to outgrow my new jeans! (Ob-ses-sion!) I made some upside down pineapple muffins using a recipe I found online. They are pretty good. I only have one modification. I'll try and post up a photo and the recipe today or tomorrow.
Ethan demonstrating how he concentrates for the wii Raving Rabbids concentration game.

Ethan loving on Tiffany.
The pepper plants I grew from seed.

The peppers on one of my pepper plants.

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