Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday we walked to TCU and caught the free shuttle to Mayfest. We've lived in Fort Worth for a few years now and we'd never been. I think it's partly because I'm always out of town in May. When we arrived a jet ski show was in progress. I wasn't that impressed at first, but they did perform some pretty cool tricks. After we walked around for a while we watched the frisbee dog show. That was really cool. The guy talked way too much, but the dogs were really talented. I'm glad that we got to see them. We didn't see the high dive show or the pig races. The petting zoo was way too tiny and crowded, so we didn't go in. The strange thing is it was the last day, so they were selling off the animals!
We walked all over the fair and we were able to find a snow cone booth. We both really wanted a snow cone. So I stood in line for what seemed like forever to get our extra large snow cone. They were out of tiger's blood, so I got half cherry and half pina colada. It wasn't really so much shaved ice as it was chipped ice. It was good, but not shaved ice. After the bus ride back we walked back home. We went to Haltom city and had pho for dinner. I was too full and it was too late afterwards to have red velvet cake, but I just had some. Yum.

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