Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, I'm just going to whine now. I'm really tired. I didn't sleep well Tuesday night, and well, we had our big night out last night and didn't get to bed until almost midnight. Today I did an hour of intense yoga and then after lunch I did three 30 minute sessions of shoveling and moving dirt. So now I'm all tired and whiny.
A couple of random things...

I've been to two estate sales in the last week. Both of them were just off the road that I travel on to and from the gym. I bought stuff at both sales. Last Friday I bought some yarn--100% angora and a little vintage booklet/magazine of knitting recipes. Today I bought a new flour sifter (confession: I don't always sift my flour when I should, but maybe now I will be more apt to with the new and improved sifter) and a brownie pan. Believe it or not I did not own a 9x9 pan. Now I do. Woo hoo. Brownies (another confession: I don't usually make brownies from scratch!).

Well, I didn't have trouble carrying, unpacking or repacking the yoga mat, but I did have trouble with it being slippery! I guess it's a lot hotter and more humid at the gym than at home. I'm going to try scrubbing the mat a little with some water and a rag--see if that helps take some of the slippery coating off. My left wrist is a little messed up (I am sleepy, hear me whine!), but I still need to work on my yoga. I need some other photos of me doing cool yoga poses (so I have to work on some cool poses). I'll do a 1.5 hour yoga podcast tomorrow. I was going to go to a class at a yoga studio tomorrow, but the Saturn is in the shop. It's the battery. Also, I guess there's an antifreeze leak (eek!). Hopefully those are the only problems. George (our mechanic) will call me tomorrow when the car is ready. Until then I'll be stuck at home.

With the dirt shoveling I'm on track to meet/beat last week's 520 minutes (which was an all time record for me). I should do some cardio tomorrow....oh, duh, I'll be shovelling the rest of the dirt.

Time for some dessert.

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