Monday, May 19, 2008

New Yoga Mat

So, here's a picture of me doing camel pose on my new yoga mat. Ross also took a picture of me doing crow, but that one looks funny. I'm floating in my camo shorts. I can now pull them on and off without undoing the button or zipper (listen to me brag...). I rolled up the mat and put the two new straps on. Now it is all ready to go for yoga class tomorrow. I only did 35 minutes of yoga today. I'll double up on work outs again tomorrow.
So far I'm really pleased with the yoga mat. Tomorrow will be the first time I take it to class. We'll see if I have any trouble carrying (8 lb.), unpacking, or repacking it. I don't actually anticipate any problems using the mat.I've enjoyed the yoga pod casts I've tried so far. The only problems is that I don't know all the Sanskrit names of the poses, but I've been able to figure things out so far (or at least I think I have). I just noticed that in the photo it looks like I have NO boobs! They are shrinking, but I still have some. Haha. Time for tea.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Wow, that's quite a goal for working-out. How fun. You're looking thin and awesome and obviously enjoying it.

I don't have your e-mail, just Ross's but I started a new blog. It's more about me personally than the kids and will include food, working out, and random thoughts. Drop by: