Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting Organized

I'm not the most organized person. When I make up recipes for things I don't write them down--because I don't measure. The one exception is cakes. I've come up with my own recipes for a few cakes lately. I write down a recipe, try it, alter it, try it, alter it. The problem is that when I decide I want to try it again I have trouble finding it. I scribble the recipes down on the back of scratch paper out of the recycling bin. It eventually gets thrown into one of my many piles of papers--I'm vowing now to clean those up in June. So, I have to dig through stacks of papers to find what I'm looking for. The solution--I need to get organized. Tiffany recently gave me a blank journal book. I'm going to scrawl all my experiments, notes, and recipes in there so they'll all be in one place and easier to find.
I've put all the various recipes I've printed from online/torn out of magazines into one folder, so they'll also be easily accessible. I really need to organize those a lot more....maybe I can do that in June also. I have all these recipes I'd like to try, but I always forget and end up making the same things over and over. I need to come up with some sort of system. Try one or two new recipes a week.
The third thing that needs to be done is a crapload of filing. Things can't be lost in piles of paper when there aren't piles of paper around. I hate filing. It has to be done, and I'm the one that always ends up doing it. I tried saying we'd do it together once a month, but that never happened. Oh well, I'll do it the first week of June, and then hopefully I'll get around to it again before December! Our office area is kinda scary. I need to clean/file/get rid of things (hopefully sell them on Ebay). I just dread it, but it has to be done. I hate losing/not being able to find things. Time to get organized--as soon as we get back from vacation. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

not quite "as soon as we get back from vacation", because we have to recover from our vacation first...