Saturday, May 24, 2008

Garden Fun

I love my garden. I like to see all the different colors and shapes and how they change from day to day--the hydrangea blooms started off white and are turning the most delicate shade of violet. I enjoy watching all the different creepy crawlies that live in the garden. This week I've seen nymphs (grasshopper and praying mantis), a spotted gecko, lots of beetles, spiders, a snake, tons of ants and lots of other insects. I also have all sorts of mushrooms growing in the mulch. I expanded the garden another couple of rows.
I planted some sprouts from the two existing mint plants and some of the pepper plants that I grew from seed. One of the rows is still empty. Maybe I can get some more herbs. My basil plant wilted and died in the intense heat this week. We've managed to move almost all of the dirt and mulch out of the driveway. I think by tomorrow night we'll have our driveway and garage back. Tomorrow Ross needs to mow the lawn and I have weeds to pull. Right now I want some sort of chocolate for dessert.

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