Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pilates Reformer

Okay. I slacked and didn't work out yesterday. I was just being lazy. Does Raving Rabbids for the wii count as a work out? It sure got my heart rate up and winded me! We have these free one month passes to 24 our fitness. I tried a couple of classes this week. 2 yoga classes.... One of them was taught by the same guy that called me out last year for not doing wheel! Hahaha. This time I didn't totally wuss out. I did wheel. I really wanted to try the pilates reformer class. That's pilates on a machine. I've never done that before. I showed up early and was lucky enough to get on the list. There are only ten machines, so there are only ten people allowed in the class. I don't like pilates. To me its torture, but I know it's a good work out, so I endure it. Today was different. I really enjoyed it. The teacher left much to be desired ("Some of you weren't doing that right." Come on--there are only ten people in the class. Get up off your ass and help them!). I feel like I got a really good work out and I think Ross might even enjoy it. My triceps are so sore! First I did weights on Tuesday night, then plenty of chatarangas on Thursday, and today we did some tricep work too. I'm really enjoying the classes and I'm seriously considering joining up....we'll see.

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Keep up the hard work!!! -Tejal