Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Doubling Up

I did two hour long work outs back to back today. I did a strength training class and a yoga class. I was really wussing out at the beginning of the yoga class because my muscles were so tired, but about 15 minutes into it I felt a little better. I really needed the stretching. The class was worth it just to do bird of paradise. I haven't done that in ages. The teacher is okay. She doesn't have the class work their way up into pigeon, she just has us do it. I don't like that. Most of the class is pretty inflexible, so going from downward dog into pigeon is a lot to ask. She came up to me and asked if I could do king pigeon. I said "If I worked up to it!" I can't just do it. That's crazy. I felt really wiped out after the classes, but I'm feeling better now. It's time to get up off my butt and clean house!
The photo shows the bird of paradise pose...from behind. I know my leg isn't that straight when I do it...

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