Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elvis Rocks

Well, last night I got to use one of my birthday presents. Ross bought me tickets to see Elvis Costello and The Police. So after a day with Tiffany and Ethan I met Ross for some Thai food. I way over ate. It was just so tasty. Then we headed over to Dallas for the concert. I had a really good time. Elvis was awesome. The sound was pumped up way too loud though. The vibrations started to make me feel a little sick. It definitely wasn't his show though. He came out, played for an hour, and then that was it.
Some really ripped, really red-necked hobo guy (Ross had no idea who it was at first) came and sang Allison with him. Steve Nieve was on keyboards and theremin, as usual. They were all beet red and dripping sweat. It was hot and humid when they started at 730. Towards the end during a keyboard solo Steve snuck in the opening notes to the Dallas theme song. It was really, hmmm, (trying to think of the right words here), thoughtful, creative and cool.
The Police part of the concert was cool too. The folks in front of us were totally drunk. They were good for a laugh, but thankfully they were gone most of the time (getting more booze or in the bathroom I suppose). Overall, aside from the heat and humidity we had a really good time. We had good seats, and I got to see Elvis again (for the 7th time I think). Cyndi Lauper and some other folks are coming next month. We are thinking about that. We don't really get out much...

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