Thursday, December 30, 2010

Second Chance: Sizzling Bombay

Ross decided we should have Indian food tonight since I won't be having Rasika for restaurant week. I was way too sleepy to go all the way down to Charles Street, so I thought we could give Sizzling Bombay a second chance. Our first experience at the restaurant wasn't great.

This time we had vegetable samosa. Man, I love potatoes. Ross ordered the masala chai and the waiter said it would take at least 5 minutes because it had to be cooked. It was basically fresh ginger milk tea. It was very good.

I ordered the chicken tikka masala and Ross ordered the malai kofta. The chicken tikka masala was great. I could taste the jalapeƱo. It had some sort of green peppers in it that were good and some onion too. I think it was basically a chicken tikka kabob that was dumped in some awesomely creamy sauce. The malai kofta was a bit mushy, but the sauce was very good. We ordered the garlic naan again and they gave us two orders. We really only needed one. Oh, and the rice was very fragrant--spiced with cinnamon.

The whole experience was much better this time. I'm glad we gave it a second chance, I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

I'm really full now and so Ross and I are going to chill and have some chainog (we decided it is pronounced k'nog) -- malsala chai with egg nog. I was so happy today to find that the store still had a cooler full of egg nog.

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Nicole said...

You and I will go to Rasika one day. It's a must.