Saturday, December 11, 2010

Self Conscious, but Warm

This is an old photo of me in my fur coat. I have been wearing it this week because the temperatures in the morning are below freezing. I feel like people stare at me when I wear this coat. I feel like people are giving me the evil eye. The thing is, it keeps me warm. I hate to be cold, and why should I be when I have a fur coat?


RonGav said...

That's a GREAT coat for the frigid weather. Wear it and enjoy it -- and don't be concerned about other's opinions. I believe we all think too much of what others might think rather than what is good for us..

Happy holidays..

Nicole said...

Although I'm sure it's not as warm as the fur coat, that white one you were wearing in that one pic is cute and accentuates your hotness far more than this fur one.

k. said...

Yeah, the fur coat just makes me look like a rectangle. A puffy, fluffy, rectangle.