Friday, December 3, 2010

Drink Much?

I was looking for some pu-ehr tea this morning, and discovered that I had to open a new package and put some in the appropriately-labelled tin. I realized I had a lot of bags from Tea Embassy and a few empty tins, so I labelled the tins and emptied some of the bags into them. The tea cabinet looks a little better, and I found some things I didn't realize I still had.

Do I buy too much tea? I don't think so. I think the problem is that I don't drink enough! Ha!

I'm a chaholic, but I'm a binger (as with everything). I need to drink more every day, instead of just binging and drinking more once in a while.

And why pu-ehr? I read it can be slimming, and I'm desperate. With the discovery that I have a huge bag (that I just opened today), I will be binging on something that might help me slim down (instead of my usual binges).

fyi--this is by no means my entire collection.


Nicole said...

There is a fabulous spot not too far from my house called Smile Herb Shop and they have a huge selection of fresh teas. I don't like tea but I stop there fairly often to feed my incense addiction and I usually pick up some teas for Ryan or my mom. Everyone loves tea but me.

k. said...

You don't like tea? AND you don't eat meat? I'm not sure we can be friends. Ha! I'm so biased that I think people who don't like tea haven't had good tea, or haven't found the right tea for them.

LisaDiane said...

Kat - did you ever try the green puh-ehr that I gave you? Is that one of the Tea Embassy teas that you moved to a tin? I am drinking Jasmine Silver Needles right now. Yummy!

k. said...

I shared some of the green pu-ehr with Tiffany this weekend. I really like it. I even wrote a review of it on the Tea Embassy web site, but it hasn't shown up yet. I like all the teas that you gave me (thank you), I think there is only one I haven't tried, and I'm sure that one is good too.