Sunday, December 26, 2010

Latest Addiction

16 and Pregnant is a train wreck of a reality TV show. Depressing, awful, predictable, but I can't look away. I can't get enough. Each episode follows a separate 16 year old girl from 24 weeks pregnant through birth to a couple months after birth.

The episodes are so similar that they are all starting to run together. The girls want the fathers to help more. The fathers are usually older, and much more immature. The teenagers, are, well, teenagers. They don't understand how a baby will completely change their lives. They fight over the silliest things. They don't understand or accept the responsibility. They are the future of America. Depressing. Still, I keep watching.

The good part of this addiction is that I find myself thankful. I'm thankful that I never had to deal with that situation. I'm thankful that even now I don't have to deal with a baby. I'm thankful that Ross has a job. I'm thankful I don't have to pay for daycare for Bailey. I'm thankful Ross and I both have educations. I'm thankful I have internet and I can watch awful reality television whenever I want.

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Nicole said...

I've heard about this show. I understand how it would be addictive viewing. It sounds like the kind of show that hooks you and you can't look away.