Monday, December 6, 2010

Dollar Days: National Aquarium

On Saturday we braved the cold and the lines and the crowds to see the National Aquarium. The line actually wasn't so bad--it moved quickly. We headed straight for the Australia exhibit, and then went through the main exhibit.
This is the back of the building. The line then wrapped around the front, and through a cattle shuttle to the ticket booths (green building in the foreground). We arrived around 10a, stood in line for about half an hour, and our tickets were for 11a, so we warmed up a little in Barnes and Noble.
My cutie, Ethan, pointing out a fish in the Australia exhibit.
A spotted ray.
The sea anemone.
Not a great photo, but this is the octopus. It was awesome. The octopus is new to the aquarium, and very shy. We weren't supposed to take photos (I'm so bad). This was definitely the best part. Ross also loves the dogfish, trumpet fish, and the puffer fish. I have to get stills from the videos I took. They were swimming around so fast it was hard to get a good photo.

I am so glad we braved the crowds and went to the Aquarium. Can't beat seeing all that for a buck!

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V said...

Your description of Dollar Days was quite the opposite of another friend - they will never do it again!

Oh, and there you go with the octopus again. I'm glad they added one to their collection for you.