Friday, December 3, 2010


The whole family went to see Burlesque over the Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah, I know Dita isn't in the movie, but she's what I think of when I think Burlesque. That won't ever change.

We all loved the movie, including my dad, who only really likes comedies. The music was pretty good (but it wasn't a musical, everyone was thankful for that), the acting was decent, and there were plenty of hot bods to look at, including a naked (but not full frontal) guy.

Ross thought that Cher's singing would have been better. I don't know. It was okay I guess. I know that this sounds corny and trite, but when Christina Aguilera started singing I got chills (my mom admitted that she did too.)

I'd totally recommend this movie. It is fun and flashy. The only downside really was that all those beautiful dancers made me feel chubbo.

I just checked Dita's website. She's performing in LA this month. I really want to see one of her shows, I need to checking her site to see when she's in NYC. She's got a dvd out. Maybe I should buy that.

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Nicole said...

The Palace of Wonders in DC has burlesque shows several times a month. Maybe Baltimore has a similar place you could check out?