Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suddenly Relieved

I don't really like talking about being a doctor (because I graduated from medical school), but not really (cause I never finished a residency). I've never really been totally comfortable with my decision to quit. That's what I did. I quit. I'm a quitter and that sucks. I didn't get the residency I wanted, so I said screw it, went home to Texas, and looked for something else to do.

This weekend I talked with Dishi, one of my medical school classmates, for a long time. She was telling me how she works long hours and her husband (also a doctor) is on call. I would have been miserable throughout residency. I'd be miserable working long hours and being on call (the one year I did endure nearly drove me off the deep end). I suddenly felt relieved. I'd love to make more money, but I hate working and high stress. I don't want to be miserable, so I'm suddenly feeling better about things.

If only I could teach yoga full time--but I'm not ready for the stress of opening my own studio (and I'm not even certified to teach yoga). Maybe someday. Maybe someday I'll have Brown Cat Bakery and Brown Cat Yoga Studio. For now I'm just happy I'm not on call.


Nicole said...

I'm sure you'd feel worse if you forced yourself to finish -- enduring the stress and long hours and debt -- only to find you hated it afterward and it totally wasn't worth it. You're lucky you quit when you did.

Sometimes quitting is good. Sometimes quitting restores your sanity. Sometimes quitting is the brave thing to do. Sometimes quitting is the way to go. Sounds like you did the right thing; made the right decision for you.

k. said...

Oh, I still have the debt. I keep it out of sight and out of mind. I am consoled by the fact that a large chunk of it actually went into our house. So at least I can look at that and be happy--it's not like I can look at my education. The dang degree makes me overqualified for some of the jobs I now want, so I don't emphasize it at all.

Nicole said...

I have college debt too and it was just for a regular degree. I'll be paying that bad-boy back till I'm like 50. Had to pay for all my college myself. My mother didn't save a penny for my college education.