Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Numbers

Total exercise minutes recorded: 12, 253. Most minutes exercise in one week: 520. Most minutes in a month (May): 1, 830. Yoga classes taught this year (for pay): 88. Weeks I've had my piercing: 17.5. Weeks since Ross was laid off: 9. Weight at the start of the year: 154. Weight this am: 144. Inches lost off of my waist this year: 2.125. Amount of money we've spent this year on the wii: $217 (ouch!). Trips I took this year: 4 (Arizona, San Francisco, Las Vegas, El Paso). Computer deaths this year: 2 (the laptop was under warranty, the desktop just died). Number of posts to my blog this year (including this one): 184. Miles on the Saturn: 140,685. Miles on the Subaru: 57,461. Number of pairs of free VS underwear I have gotten (just in the last couple of months): 7. Number of jobs I have: 3. Number of cakes I baked this year: ?. Number of pounds of butter I've used this year: at least 25. Number of times I had my hair cut: 3. Pairs of new shoes I bought this year: 3? Completed knitting projects: 0. Can't think of much else....

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