Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thyroid paranoia

I'm sure most medical students get their TSH levels checked. Medical school syndrome symptoms parallel hyperthyroidism symptoms: nervousness, exhaustion, hair loss, increased bowel movements. And of course thyroid problems are the root of all weight issues. Haha. I had my TSH checked at some point hoping that a little pill would be the cure for my fatigue and extra weight. No such luck. My mom had hyperthyroidism and had her thyroid radioablated. She now has to take synthroid every day.
When I was home over the weekend I let my mom wash my hair. It isn't a pleasant spa-like experience. She scratches and scrubs my scalp as if it was going to be inspected. One speck of dirt or dandruff and she fails! My mom commented that my hair was falling out. I always lose hair when I wash it or when I brush it. I lose a lot, but I guess I have a lot to lose. So anyway, I kind of ignored her until I saw a huge clump that had come out. That morning I lost a lot more hair than I normally do. It got me loss, weight loss, nervousness, increased BMs. Am I hyperthyroid? Probably not. My heart rate at the dentist last week was 68. Slightly high for me, but completely normal. Still, maybe the next time I go to the doctor maybe I'll ask him to order a TSH and T4 level...just to make sure.

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