Sunday, December 14, 2008


I become fixated by numbers. 1--pound I want to lose by Wednesday am 2--number of sheet sets I bought today 3--number of bagels we bought this morning 4--times I taught my yoga lower body routine this past week 5--number of classes I'm teaching this week 6--number of days I exercised this week 7--rows I've knitted on the second half of my shorts 8--minimum number of cups of water I drink each day 9--number of work outs I did this week 10--the number I always think of when I read the word December 11.94--gigs of music I have in iTunes 12--number of ice cubes I've used while writing this (in very hot tea) 13--number of yoga music mixes I've made 14--eggs in the fridge 15--weeks I've had my Madison piercing 16--years I've been with Ross 17--prime number 18--ounces of chocolate in double chocolate torte (I think) 19--degrees the temperature has dropped since I've started this post 20--age when I graduated college 21--age when I started drinking (hahhahaha, just kidding) 22--age when I got my first car 23--classes on my schedule this month 24--I got married 25--quarter 26--minutes I soaked my piercing 27--I birthed a baby (not mine, duh!) 28--cents I paid for underwear this weekend 29--types of tea I have in my tea cabinet (at least). I could go on and on. Easier if it is random numbers. That is what I should have done. Next time.

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V said...

You're silly. What's your lower body yoga routine like?

Here's some numbers for me . . . 17-years with Troy, 7-months Julia's been around, 8-days until we leave for Nebraska, 28-our anniversary, 11-years we've been married, 3-syllables in all the girls' names in this house