Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Dishes

The blue and white plates that my mom got us for our first anniversary are in bad shape. Two of the six plates recently broke, two of them are chipped, and two of them are still okay. I had been eyeing the colorful plates from Crate and Barrel and my mom bought a set for us for Hanukkah and our anniversary. When we received the plates we noticed that some of them were severely scratched on the back. Because of how the plates are made, the scratches show on the front. We exchanged the scratched ones and now have a set of nice colorful shiny plates. The plates aren't microwave safe with all that gold leaf and gold swirl on the smaller plates. The back of the plates reminds me of soft nail polish--easily marred. I feel like I'm going to have to treat them as museum pieces. I kept out two of the old plates to use in the microwave. We also have an old set of cream colored dishes that I use as milk plates. I know that's silly, since I don't follow the milk-meat rule, but whatever--they can also go into the microwave. Well, it is nice out--73 degrees according to Yahoo, so we are going for a walk.

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LisaDiane said...

Shiny, Captain! They are really cool looking.