Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Business of Going out of Business

So many retail stores are closing these days. I scored some deals at Mervyn's in El Paso over the Thanksgiving weekend. Linens-N-Things has been liquidating its stores for a while now. Even at 50% off I don't think a lot of the merchandise is a good deal (Circuit City was only offering 30% off on most items). My mom pointed out a fixture at Linens and Shit (that's what we call it) that she liked. I'm sure you've seen that the stores even sell their fixtures. I thought $150 was too much. I saw a bunch of the fixtures at the store near Tiffany's house when we (she) went looking for a clothes hamper. I couldn't tell if the rack was still $150 or down to $75. Apparently Ross had been thinking we needed a baker's rack or something to go against the bare wall in the kitchen--so he was all for buying the fixture to go in the kitchen. I am tired of using my kitchen stool as a shelf. On Sunday we went to the store near our house. The manager/liquidator was really rude and we couldn't find any of the racks in the store...but we left with two sets of 750 thread count sheets. Monday after our work out we went to the store in Burleson. Again, they didn't have the fixture I was looking for, but we left with a storage case for our wine glasses (the old one is disintegrating). I worked in North Fort Worth last night and while I was teaching Ross went to the Linens and Shit up there. They had lots of racks and shelves so he picked out the best of each and spent $81 (with tax) on it. Score. Now we have a place to put my cast iron and my stool has gone back to being a stool. I really like how the rack has wheels, so we can just wheel it out of the room to run the scooba. Woohoo.

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Anonymous said...

oh, sure it looks great, was an awesome price, and is more functional than i could have hoped for. BUT everytime i see it out of the corner of my eye, i think the refridgerator is open. ross