Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Card

So, I'm too lazy to buy/order/send out holiday cards. I decided this year to try and do a holiday E-card. Easy, right? I searched for a long time for a customizable e-card. I finally found smilebox, which allows you to upload your picture(s) to the card and send it for free. When I opened the program I noticed that it automatically imported the last two things I had scanned and some random photos of the space shuttle. After I chose a design the program put the space shuttle photo in. I deleted the photo. The space went blank and it said drag and drop photos into space. Okay. Seemed easy enough. We took a family photo and I put it in the card. I gathered a bunch of emails and sent it out. Woohoo. For some reason not everybody got the card. Whatever. When chatting with Dishi last night I asked her if she'd gotten the card. She said yes, with the photo of the shuttle and my CPR card and stuff. What?! Yep, I sent out a card with a family photo, random photos of the shuttle, scans of my CPR card and YogaFit certificate. Damn! I feel like a total idiot. I previewed the card. Yes I did, but I didn't press play for the photos because I thought I had only put one photo in the card. I did only put one photo in the card. The program just loaded the other photos in for me. Whack. I still feel dumb. So if you received my holiday E-card and actually went through the animation and pressed play...sorry. Have a good laugh. I didn't mean to send those photos. I suppose I should feel good that there weren't any BAD photos in there. Oh well, I tried.

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